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NHIOnDemand Providing Customized 2007 Health Databases.
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NHIOnDemand Launches Traditional Medicines Database with Malaysian Government.
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NHIOnDemand Now Providing Licensing for updated 2007 Drug/Dietary Supplement Interaction Database.
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Ask Destiny Content Communications Group & The Natural Marketing Institute acquire NHIondemand.
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Natural Health Information that is accurate, objective, science-based and represents the current state of research is the most sought-after information category today. Natural Health Information On Demand, NHIOndemand, is the leading source for this valuable science-based natural health information.
A Global Provider
NHIOndemand is the ONLY global provider of natural health information for healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, government agencies, manufacturers and consumers. Our integrative medicine databases are used in Europe, India, Asia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States and the 56 Commonwealth Nations.
Always Evolving
The natural health information field is an ever evolving industry. In response to this constant evolution, NHIOndemand has developed innovative programs with affordable fee structures that allow our clients to pay only for information that is accessed, making it affordable for everyone in all situations.
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